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Confetti and Confettata (hold it, it’s not the “confetti” you think!)

What is a CONFETTATA? It is a rich selection of confetti, sweet white bonbons, symbol of the Italian wedding. Old aunties’ or grandpas’ friends who want to know when you are going to get married will ask you instead: “When am I going to get your confetti?!”

The traditional format of confetti is a bitter almond covered with smooth white sugar (Avola almonds are the top quality).

confettata gialla

Nowadays even the confetti have undergone innovation processes! While the traditional almond confetti were the only ones on the market for a long while, now they come in different colors, fruit fillings, coffee, liquor, chocolate and unexpected flavors like tiramisu, amaretto or ricotta.

You will find strawberry, coconut, marron glace and the most sophisticated and delicate flowers, like orange, rose and violet.

Confettata can replace the wedding take-home-gifts, and it is at the same time a nice surprise for your guests.

confettata mare

How does it work? A wide array of flavors is arranged on a beautifully decorated table. On the same table there are little paper, lace, silk or fabric bags, one for each of you guests. Everybody taste and choose the flavors they like and fill up their own bag to bring home.

A few pieces of advice for a successful confettata:

  1. The confettata must appear at the same time of the wedding cake and together with the wedding gifts. WHY? Because if presented at the very beginning it kills the surprise factor. Another good reason is that the confetti shouldn’t be too long exposed to air and heat, and they shouldn’t be touched by too many hands. Lastly, in case you are not giving any other take-home-gifts, it will be clear that it is THE “thank you” symbol.
  2. Making the confettata is a chance to compose a beautiful corner in matching style with the theme of the wedding. Candles, flowers and gleaming details will be of help!
  3. In order to make your confettata even richer and to offer your guests a memorable experience, you can add a selection of small pralines, candies or macaroons
  4. I always suggest a number of 10-12 confetti favors: your guests will taste all of them and probably chat about their favorites

Since the confettata is a gift, remember to provide a small bag to carry confetti at home and keep a memory of your wedding.

confettata plexi

The simplest bags can be made of paper, cotton or silk and they can have your initials embroidered or printed on them. If you prefer a box, you could pick it in Plexiglas: once the confetti will be gone, it can transform into a jewel box, coins holder, etc.

Alla prossima!


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